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Mobile service remapping a BMW

DPF Solutions (Delete)

South West DPF Cleaning (part of Top Tuning Limited) can carry out a DPF delete on your vehicle which will improve performance and efficiency.

DPF Delete Process

The first step in deleting the DPF is removing the internal components from the DPF. This involves removing the DPF from the vehicle and then a small window is cut to allow access to remove the internal components. Once all DPF internal components have been removed the window is welded back onto the DPF. The DPF can then be refitted back onto the vehicle.

Now the DPF has been refitted we then reprogram the ECU disabling the DPF and delete all the relevant P Codes. During this process we can also delete the EGR and AdBlue systems as well as install a remap. A DPF delete is a cost-effective solution and boasts the following benefits:

  • Reduced DPF Maintenance Costs
  • Reduced Turbo Lag
  • Improved Performance
  • Improved Fuel Economy

*Our DPF Solution (delete) service is recommended for off-road use only. A DPF delete is illegal for use on a public road.

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