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Areas covered by SouthWest DPF Cleaning

About South West DPF Cleaning

DPF’s (Diesel Particulate Filters) block up with soot, ash and other contaminations. This results in reduced engine performance, increased fuel consumption and potentially expensive repairs. This can be avoided by having us clean and regenerate your DPF. We provide a mobile DPF cleaning service throughout the South West and also offer a national Industrial DPF Cleaning service.

South West DPF Cleaning (part of Top Tuning Limited) have invested in the latest and best equipment in order to provide multiple DPF cleaning solutions. Our industrial DPF cleaning system can remove 99% of soot and ash saving you £££’s in DPF replacements. Why choose South West DPF Cleaning:

  • Mobile 2 Stage DPF Chemical Clean

  • National Industrial Off-Car DPF Cleaning

  • Air Intake & EGR Chemical Clean

  • 1, 2 & 3 Stage Carbon Clean

  • DPF, EGR & AdBlue Solutions

  • Same Day Service Available

  • ECU & TCU Remapping Services

  • Advanced DPF Diagnostics