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DPF Cleaning & Carbon Cleaning in Swindon, Bristol & South West

Cleaning DPF on VW

South West Mobile DPF Cleaning & Carbon Cleaning Specialists

South West DPF Cleaning provide a full comprehensive range of cost effective and convenient DPF Cleaning & Unblocking services and solutions. We’re proud to be the number 1 choice in the South West for DPF Unblocking & Cleaning thanks to our excellent reputation, customer service and competitive pricing.

DPF’s (Diesel Particulate Filters) capture soot from the exhaust system and are designed to reduce emissions. Unfortunately, DPF’s have a limited storage capacity so they need to out a regular regeneration to remove all the soot. The regeneration process burns off the majority of soot within the DPF which reduces harmful emissions.

Our Team are experienced and trained in all aspects of DPF cleaning & unblocking, diagnostics and solutions. Using our advanced cleaning systems, we can ensure we provide excellent results.

Are you having issues with your DPF? Is your DPF blocked? Then We are here to help! We can clean, restore and unblock your DPF conveniently and professionally saving you time and money on expensive replacements.

We are IMI-certified, and provide Mobile Carbon Cleaning & DPF Cleaning in Bristol, Swindon, Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Melksham, Chippenham, Cirencester, Trowbridge, Newport, Stroud, Tidworth, Bulford, Larkhill and the Whole of the South West.

DPF being cleaned

Mobile 2 Stage Chemical DPF Cleaning

South West DPF Cleaning provide a reliable 2 stage chemical DPF cleaning service throughout the South West including Swindon, Bristol, Chippenham, Gloucester, Bath, Trowbridge and beyond. We use the latest and best equipment to ensure we can get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We can clean cars, trucks and vans at your preferred location providing a convenient, reliable and professional service. Using our advanced diagnostics equipment, we can identify your DPF’s performance before and after cleaning. So if you have a blocked DPF please get in touch!

Industrial Off-Car DPF Cleaning

The best way to clean a DPF is to have it removed from the car, truck or van and clean it on our Industrial DPF Cleaning machine. We guarantee that 99% of soot and ash is removed! This system will unblock and clean a DPF back to its original condition. The only way ash can be removed from a DPF is using this off-vehicle DPF cleaning method. This will save you ££££’s on a new DPF! We can also provide a same day service as well as South West collection and drop-off.

Air Intake & EGR Cleaning

Our Air Intake & EGR Cleaning system is designed to remove carbon build-up and contamination from the air intake system. The benefits include:

  • Cleans & maintains the O2 sensor and EGR
  • Ensures efficient combustion and fuel economy
  • Improves performance and responsiveness
  • Ensures free movement of inlet valves
  • Provides efficient air flow
  • Cleans the air intake system and provide protection

Carbon Cleaning Service

Have you noticed reduced performance on your car, truck or van? Your vehicle may require a carbon Clean due to carbon and contamination build-up. A carbon clean will remove carbon deposits that will result in improved engine performance and economy.

DPF Solutions (Delete)

Due to EU regulations all modern diesel vehicles must have a DPF (diesel particulate filter) fitted. Unfortunately, many vehicles have issues with DPF’s blocking up as the regeneration requirements are not met. After multiple failed regenerations the soot within the DPF becomes compacted causing the vehicle to go into limp mode. If this happens one of the solutions is to delete the DPF from the vehicle. This involves removing the DPF internals and disabling the system within the ECU.

EGR Solution (Delete)

An EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve is a emission based system that reduces NOx to help meet EU emissions targets. South West DPF Cleaning can disable the EGR using our professional remapping tools so it is bypassed. The benefits of an EGR delete include:

  • Restores Performance
  • Improve Fuel Economy
  • Prevents replacing expensive EGR valves
  • Improved emissions as faulty EGR’s can cause higher soot deposits

AdBlue Solutions (Delete)

AdBlue is a emissions based system made up of pumps and sensors. Unfortunately, these systems can be expensive to repair or replace. South West DPF Cleaning (part of Top Tuning Limited) can disable the AdBlue system using our advanced remapping tools. This means the AdBlue system is no longer used saving time and money refilling the tank on a regular basis.

ECU & TCU Remapping

South West DPF Cleaning (part of Top Tuning Limited) provide mobile performance, economy & gearbox tuning services across the South West. We can remap most vehicles including cars, trucks, tractors and vans using our professional tuning tools.

DPF cleaning equipment

Your DPF Cleaned and Restored back to original!