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Air Intake & EGR Chemical Cleaning

Poor quality fuel, infrequent servicing and modern driving habits cause carbon and contamination build-up within the air intake system. This build-up can reduce performance, reduce fuel economy and increase emissions. South West DPF Cleaning’s EGR and Intake Cleaner is professionally advanced and designed specifically for removing carbon and contamination.

Air Intake & EGR Cleaning Benefits

  • Cleans EGR & air intake components and provides protection
  • Cleans and maintains the oxygen sensor and EGR Valve
  • Ensures efficient combustion and improves fuel economy
  • Improves throttle response
  • Improves performance
  • Ensures free movement of inlet valves

Our EGR & Intake Cleaner is sprayed into the air intake system whilst the engine is running. This removes carbon, soot and oily contamination from the air intake, inlet valves and throttle valves.

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