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DPF Being Cleaned by South West DPF Cleaning

Industrial Off-Car DPF Cleaning – 99% of Soot & Ash Removed


  • DPF or EML light on?
  • Limp mode?
  • Loss or reduced power?
  • Regular DPF regeneration attempts?
  • Excessive smoke?
  • Is your oil level increasing?
  • Increased fuel consumption?

Our 100% Guaranteed DPF Cleaning Solution!

Has you’re vehicle had any of the above symptoms? Then there is a good chance that your DPF maybe blocked. When a DPF is completely blocked, a forced regeneration/additive will only remove the soot, not the ash. Our new advanced DPF Cleaning machine safely removes 99% of all soot and ash from DPF’s and costs a fraction of the cost of a new DPF.

  • DPF Cleaning Promise! 99% of Soot & Ash Removed
  • Cost Effective & Friendly Solution
  • Save £1,000s on DPF replacements
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Same Day Collection & Drop off Service Available

We can provide a same day collection and drop off service throughout the South West (Including Swindon, Bristol, Gloucester, Chippenham, Bath, Trowbridge, Devizes, Cheltenham, Melksham and beyond).

Our Industrial Off-Car DPF Cleaning Process Explained

  1. Your vehicles DPF is removed and sent to our DPF cleaning centre. Alternatively, South West DPF collection and drop-off is available.
  2. Once your vehicles DPF arrives at out DPF cleaning centre we check for any damage and if required take any necessary photos.
  3. The DPF is then connected to our advanced cleaning machine for a 1 hour two way high pressure clean removing all soot and ash. A 2-stage drying process is then carried out prior to the final inspection.
  4. Your DPF can be fitted back onto your vehicle.

Our DCS16 DPF Cleaning Machine

Our DPF cleaning system can effectively clean DPF’s from any make or model of vehicle without the need to cut, modify or weld the DPF. We simply install one of our DPF specific adapters and then the system pumps high pressure water through the DPF removing all of the soot and ash.

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